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london and the russia video

September 10, 2011 2 comments

Over the last few months I’ve been collating bits and pieces of footage I shot on my camera and phone into this short video. Because my computer can’t support editing software, I made it on an internet-based editing platform so transitions between pictures and sound syncing is somewhat dodgy. It goes for about 15 minutes, make sure you have the volume up.

The blog

I’m back. It’s already been two months since I packed up my life again in Russia, travelled a bit through Europe, and then caught the train to London. With my friend Adam from uni, we left Russia, headed to Helsinki, Amsterdam, Paris and then finally London. As you probably gathered from my last post, I was pretty sad to leave Russia and all my friends behind but I was equally excited to get things underway in a new place that speaks the same language and has essentially the same customs. Although the cultural differences of Russia remained an interesting novelty throughout my time there, the thought of getting back to a relatable normality was good.

Arriving in London I met up with my friend Mo, who has been living here for the past six months during an exchange programme from his university in Munich. As Mo was heading back to Germany, I took over his room in the south-west of London, about ten miles from the centre of the city. I lived there with two Polish people, a Japanese girl and a British girl until late August. Our house was pretty big but my room wasn’t much larger than the bed that was in it…


I decided to move to London not because I was after the amazing cultural experience, but because the work opportunities Europe and the UK offered far surpassed any available in Australia. The couple of weeks I spent in Europe before moving to London had really taken its toll on my bank balance, even though I managed to save up quite a bit of money in Russia. I made it my mission to find a job, of whatever variety, basically as soon as I got off the train from Paris.

Although the thought of jumping back in to hospitality was really unappealing, I needed cash quick if I was going to survive in a place that was several times more expensive than Saint Petersburg. I applied for pub after pub with an awful little CV which surprisingly didn’t yield many results. At the same time during business hours I was calling PR agencies across London to introduce myself and express my willingness to help out.

After pursuing a couple leads at a few different places, I managed to secure something at a large global agency in the city where I’m working today.

Living in London’s quite good. A couple of quite notable international events have taken place during my stay including the News of World scandal and the London Riots which didn’t get anywhere near me thankfully. The stark contrast between pretty much everything here in London compared to Saint Petersburg is glaringly obvious. Aside from the cost of everything, people live differently, have different opinions, the city’s very multicultural, and of course everyone speaks English. It is – almost – like Australia, except without the familiarity and with funny red busses; words like ‘lorry’ and different accents.

I plan on making the most of the UK’s proximity to Europe while I’m here in London. When you can buy flights for less than it costs to use the Tube for a week, going abroad every month or two will be more practical than when I was in Russia. I’m hoping to make it down to Oktoberfest to meet up with a few German friends in a couple of weeks so I’ll write a blog on that if it does eventuate.

I’ve been pretty slack on writing blogs, mainly because I’ve been taken up with getting acquainted with this place, meeting new people and trying to find a job – but I’ll try and update it as things happen, probably with smaller, more frequent posts.

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