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Lada or Ferrari?

Much has happened since my last blog. The snow has melted entirely, Bin Laden’s been shot in the face, the fairy-tale wedding of our lifetime went off without a hitch, Skype’s been sold to Microsoft so they can bugger it up and I’ve eaten a total of zero roast dinners. In Russia things are generally winding down now from university to work and everything else as I look to new things and the future. Pete from Germany came to stay last month and Lucy and Adam, friends from back home, will arrive in the coming weeks. I’ve got a classy new French housemate and I’ve had some Couch Surfers come and stay for a couple of days.

I thought it was about time I wrote something just so everyone didn’t think I’d died. I’ve been teaching a lot of English of late and probably haven’t learnt as much Russian as I should have. I’ve also been trying to exercise to eliminate the kilograms of fat I’ve mysteriously accrued during the long winter. But the clouds, snow and the ridiculous selection of dead animals people wear to keep warm have been put away and now the sun’s out making Russia seem friendlier again. In fact, in just a few weeks the sun will be out all night and all day, 24 hours of sunlight.

There are obvious benefits of having 24 hour sunlight. You can stay up all night without needing a torch to see… There are also some drawbacks like having sleeping issues because the sun’s too bright at 2am. The temperature’s also improved, now hovering around 15 degrees most days.

The other day Russia celebrated Victory Day, a day where the nation remembers the 22 million Russians that sacrificed their lives during World War II to prevent a Nazi invasion. The day usually includes a military march where Russia showcases their military elite from ground forces to heavy weaponry followed by a veterans parade. I’ll post some video of the Victory Day procession in Moscow down the bottom of this page. I had planned to go with some friends here to watch the procession but unfortunately Sasha, who’s ironically a German, told us all to meet an hour after the procession had passed by. As a result I didn’t get to see to the big parade but instead watched the fireworks later in the day light up the Neva from my bedroom window.

In a few weeks I’m planning a trip to Kiev again on the train. Hopefully this time I’ll make it as I plan to get a Belarusian transit visa.

I’m not overly looking forward to the prospect of leaving Russia. Some days I very much was to leave, but often I don’t.


Victory Day

  1. Elliott
    May 12, 2011 at 11:13 am

    Lol @ subtle German revenge

  2. Wayne G Walker
    May 12, 2011 at 11:34 am

    They say Russia has that effect: Hate it and love it, leave it but cant fortget it.

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