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noises in the night

For the last few week’s I’ve been travelling around the place visiting things.

Now I’m in Nuremburg, a town that was almost completely destroyed in WWII, the home to a large castle on a hill and Hitler’s former propaganda machine. Nuremburg’s like any mid-sized Bavarian town, neat and quant but filled to the brim with Germany’s best beer and girls that wear traditional costume while serving beer…


I’m staying in a hostel here with two other Aussie’s, a Britt, a Korean and two German’s. In general the hostel’s good apart from paying to use the internet and the ongoing sex noises permeating through the walls from the sex shop offering two euro peep shows adjoining our room.

The days previous

After skiing for a week with some Russian friends in Zell am See – a tiny town about 100 kilometres from Salzburg – I headed to Munich to stay with a couch surfer for a few days. I met Alex, a Romanian-born German studying media at university after waiting for him in the cold for a few hours. I surfed on Alex’s couch for four days, explored the city and caught up with Stephanie, a German friend I met travelling earlier last year.

While in Munich I also visited heaven for a short time, stopping by at BMW World, a place where BMW tells the world their stuff is the best. I’m not sure what was more impressive, the cars inside or the building that housed the cars. While I’m not normally a big contemporary architecture fan, this building was nuts.

Inside Heaven

I also bought the world’s best phone from some bloke in the Munich train station for a bargain. I’ll stick the pictures of the last few weeks on my extras page.

Tomorrow I’m off to Weiden to stay with Pete, a German Mercedes car salesman I also met travelling earlier last year. I’m not too sure what I’ll end up doing there, but hopefully I’ll do something other than look at hundreds of historical monuments and drink shittonnes of beer every single night.

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  1. Wayne G Walker
    January 19, 2011 at 12:24 pm

    Hi Goop, Great to hear that you are alive and hadnt heard for a while. Keep in touch and forget the BMer util you can get a new on or your uncle makes you an offer you cant refuse. I have a reliable Toyota that has now done 500,301k. Beat that BMW.

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